LightVision Technologies, Corp., established in 2000 by a group of scientists and engineers who are specialized in nonlinear crystal, laser crystal, laser system and laser application. LVT is a professional company in design and a manufacture of DPSS laser and offers state-of-art patented technology and innovative products. In order to meet the needs of customers worldwide, LVT is constantly trying to provide innovative resolutions and research and develop new DPSS laser products, improve production methods and reduce the costs. LVT offers full range of green and IR laser diode modules and laser products made by the best materials with strict quality control.
From establishment to the present we have tried to innovate and actively enhance our international competitiveness. We believe that only with integrity and honesty can create a win-win situation and a prosperous future for both parties.
Establishment and Development
2000 registered as a manufacturer capable of both manufacturing and researching into green laser modules and green laser pointers.
2001 FDA approved.
2002 CE approved.
2004 Achieved an innovation of technology from ACC to APC technology.
Qualified for IS0 9001:2000.
Qualified for IS0 9001:2000 & JQA approved.
2005 Achieved an innovation on green laser system with temperature control.
2006 Achieved an innovation and mass production of astronomy pointers.
2007 Mass production of the Laser sight on the gun for D.O.D.
Achieved an innovation and mass production of Green Laser presenters.
2008 Achieved an innovation of outdoor multi-function appliances with green laser pointers and LED lights.
2009 Achieved an innovation of white LED high power module for luminosity.
Achieved an innovation and mass production of outdoor LED luminosity light.
Mass production of indoor ceiling light and down light.
Mass production of the blue laser module of 405nm.
2010 Achieved an innovation of LED and laser projector.
Mass production of the blue laser module of 450nm.
2011 Achieved and mass production of microscope applications product for 200 M.
Mass production of LED desk lamp.
Mass production of laser stage lighting.
2012 Successfully developed 360 degree red,green and blue laser modules. Meanwhile also achieved liner laser modules.
2013 Supply Logitech and Kingston red and green laser modules.
2014 Develop and start mass production of infrared beam laser module
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